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Osteopathy – Sports physiotherapy – Yoga Claimed


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To grasp the person in his wholeness and to meet him with mindfulness, appreciation – that is the basis of my work. My interest in medicine, health and exercise initially led me to become a physiotherapist. I was able to gain a lot of important experience in everyday clinical life in Vienna at the AKH and in various therapy facilities.

Enthused and inspired by the holistic view of the interrelationships in the human body, I soon began training as an osteopath.

Since 2006 I have been working as a freelancer in my own practice and since 2010 I share a completely renovated and modern practice with the orthopedist OA Dr. Heribert Salfinger in the 18th district.

Collaboration with specialists in all health disciplines is an important component in providing patients with tailored therapy and prompting further testing. The patient thus feels safely accompanied on his way through diagnostics, treatment and recovery.

I consider movement and especially working with the spine to be an essential cornerstone of health and well-being. Often patients come to me who do not exercise enough. That’s why I recommend exercises that can be easily and joyfully integrated into everyday life. Because without exercise and self-responsible cooperation, no body can become healthy – and above all stay healthy.

What working with people is all about for me:

  • Awakening awareness and joy for one’s own health
  • Problem treatment especially in the back area
  • Relieve or resolve chronic pain
  • Exercises and knowledge for an unrestricted and active life
  • Awareness of nonpharmacologic pain management
  • Communicate concepts for preventive health measures

Together we will find out what you can do and I will dissolve your blockages.


Eva Hinterleitner