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M-Yoga Claimed

Path to Wellness

/52 Reviews


In my job as a registered nurse, I am exposed to a lot of stress over a long period of time. At some point, I could no longer reduce this stress with sports. Through a colleague I came to yoga that way. Yoga helped me a lot to deal with stress and in some cases not to get so stressed anymore. After about 6 years I did the Yoga Trainer Training in India. I have been teaching yoga ever since. Yoga is not only recognized by the WHO as a burnout prophylaxis, but also improves strength, endurance and balance at the same time. Asana, or the postures, is a part of yoga. In total, there are 8 pillars on which yoga is built. For this reason, I teach as holistically as possible and also include the other pillars of yoga, in coordination with the wishes and goals of the client. I give private lessons in my apartment. On the one hand, this allows the customer to feel comfortable in a protected environment, and on the other hand, I can concentrate fully on the customer. For me, the most beautiful thing is when a client leaves the class relaxed and smiling.

Your Michael


In my job as a nurse, I had a long period of high stress. It reached a point where even my usual gym training didn’t help. A colleague told me about yoga and I tried it. Practicing yoga helped me handle my stress much better. After six years of practice, I completed my teacher training in India and have been teaching ever since. Yoga is a WHO approved method for preventing burn-out and it helps to improve strength, balance and endurance. Yoga has eight aspects and I try to teach all of them in my lessons, not just the asanas, in a way that meets the needs of my client. I teach privately in my flat so my students can feel good in a safe environment and I can give each one my complete attention. I’m happy when my client leaves the session relaxed and with a smile.

Yours, Michael


Q How much does one unit cost and how long is one unit? How much costs one lesson, and how long is one lesson

40€ online 50€ in real, private 1:1
One unit is about 90min relaxation, introduction, breathing technique (pranayama), warm up, positions (asanas), final relaxation.
One lesson takes around 90 min : Relaxation, Introduction, Breathing technique (Pranayama), warming up, positions (Asanas) final Relaxation

Q Can I do yoga I am not flexible, athletic or slim? Can i do yoga although I'm not flexible, sporty or slim?

Yes, Any body type is suitable for yoga
Yes every body type is for Yoga

Q What do I need to bring to class? What do I have to take with me to the lesson?

Only comfortable sportswear, own yoga mat is an advantage but not a must

Only comfortable sportswear, your own yoga mat is good, but not needed

Q What do I need to know before class? What should I do before the lesson?

Drink enough throughout the day, and please don't eat anything heavy about 3 hours before class, no alcohol, etc.

through the dy to drink enough , and please dont eat heavy food ca 3 hours before teaching , no alcohol etc

Q How do I pay? How can I pay?

Cash, paypal , bank transfer

cash, paypal, transaction

Q What languages are taught? What are the teaching languages?


2 Reviews for M-Yoga

FJL 2 Reviews
In good hands!

Michael is an excellent teacher. He teaches a wide range with short theory part. Each asana is well explained and built. I didn’t even know what I was capable of doing. After the class you feel very good and are already looking forward to the next session. Highly recommended!

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HaZo 2 Reviews
Yoga at its best

Michael is a wonderful person and yoga teacher. Each session is a benefit in physical and mental sense. Michael manages with a lot of patience – unfortunately necessary for me – to find the right exercises for me and strongly supports me to incorporate yoga into my life rhythm. Thanks for this!

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