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Online Personal Training Claimed


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Through the online fitness program, I can invite people to work out who don’t live in my immediate area. Through online personal training, I am able to serve these individuals as well. You can benefit from my years of expertise anytime, anywhere in the world. Just tell me when it’s the best time for you to get fit and stay healthy.

Online Personal Training

  • Individual or group training
  • Individually tailored to the level
  • Coaching and supervision via HD camera
  • For individual home (office) training
  • On vacation
  • In case of illness
  • In case of individual acute need
  • Online Training Saves Travel Costs: One of the benefits of online personal training is saving time traveling to the training location. You save here not only valuable time, but also money at the same time
  • The program is customized according to your wishes: You surely have already found online trainings on several other websites. However, these workouts are not designed specifically for you. These online programs are designed for all and sundry, so they certainly don’t suit YOU.
  • Content of the online training: The content of this training is tailored to your needs and wishes. If you want to stay active, try an online workout. I will show you the exercises that are right for you, keep an eye on your execution via camera and correct your movements.
  • Technical requirements: All you need is a cell phone, laptop or iPad with an active internet connection. Please tell me if you want to use Skype, Facetime, Zoom or whatever program.