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Team nutrition – Dietary practice Claimed


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Bans were yesterday! We are two dieticians and together we are here for you in our practice in Leibnitz. We offer help with nutritional concerns large and small with individualized, nutritional therapy concepts. Due to our several years of study, we are legally allowed to work with healthy and sick people. We focus on individual consulting and new innovative concepts. Why are there two of us? It’s simple – everyone specializes in different areas, so we can stay up to date in each area to give you the best advice possible. From sports enthusiasts to vegan lifestyles to special diseases – we work out a suitable solution for everyone. Browse through our website at your leisure and do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

We – Viktoria and Eva-Maria – are two dieticians from the Leibnitz area and met during our studies. In July 2021, we took the step into freelancing and jointly opened the dietetics practice “Team Nutrition”.

Our credo: to work according to the latest nutritional medical findings – far away from prohibitions and diet plans.