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Better body. Better life.

/57 Reviews

I am a master of sports science, personal trainer and lifestyle coach in Vienna. My specialization is in fitness, nutrition, injury prevention and rehabilitation. I work with clients of all fitness levels and offer individualized personal training and lifestyle coaching live as well as online. I specialize in healthy and sustainable weight loss, back pain relief, and have extensive experience in injury prevention and rehabilitation. I work closely with physicians and physical therapists to provide my clients with the best possible results.

I am married and live in Vienna with my wife Barbara and our 3 children.


Sports scientist, personal trainer and lifestyle coach with more than 20 years of professional experience


✅ MAGISTER STUDY Sports Science:
Combination of subjects Prevention & Recreation
✅ STUDY Nutritional Sciences
✅ DOCTORATE STUDY Sports Science &
PhD medical sciences

✅ Knee rehabilitation

Weight management and weight loss, functional training, fascia training, back, kettlebell basics,
Training with resistance bands, lectures and seminars, workplace health promotion


Q Isn't personal training for the rich and famous?

No, every individual benefits from working with a professional personal trainer. I work with VIPs and celebrities but also with students and older people.

Q Is personal training very expensive? Can I afford it at all?

What is your health worth to you? At the latest when you are sick, you will realize that health and fitness is priceless. How much you want to invest in your health is up to you.

Q What is the content of a personal training session?

The content of a personal training session is based entirely on your goals. For back pain, different content is found than for the goal of losing weight.

Q I had an injury and surgery some time ago. Can I start training already?

Generally, you should get clearance from your primary care physician to exercise before you start. From the age of 35, I also recommend a sports medical examination with stress ergometry before starting intensive training. Safe is safe.

Q Especially when I travel I have big problems to continue my training. How can a personal trainer help me?

Online training is the best choice here. I will show you the exercises that are right for you, keep an eye on your execution via camera and correct your movements.

Q What is the benefit of personal training for me anyway?

Imagine you are back to your ideal weight, no longer have back pain, enjoy your free time with full vigor and energy, have a better sleep, pay attention to a healthy and wholesome diet again, have stopped smoking and no longer miss it at all, drink alcohol only rarely, and much more. - This is how you will change if you work out regularly with a good personal trainer. A personal trainer will look after you and accompany you on your way to better health and fitness.

Q I would like to train at home. Is online training also offered?

Online personal training is an effective way to achieve similar training effects as through traditional training.
No matter where you are - in your hotel suite, in your office or at home - Online Personal Training delivers effective training and coaching wherever you are.

Q How many times a week should I book a trainer?

This varies depending on your athletic history and your goal. Most clients book me 2-4x per week to get results quickly.


Farzaneh 2 Reviews

Very patient, professional and accurate. Pay attention to the weak areas and try to offer the best program taking into account the physical limitations! Am very satisfied. With pleasure I recommend it 🤩

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Aldo 2 Reviews
Trainer fantastico

Alfredo è un trainer fantastico: molto professionale, empatico e gentile. Propone un training molto efficace e motivante, che coinvolge tutte le parti del corpo. Consigliato per tutte le persone che vogliono mettersi in forma e anche per atleti professionisti. Inoltre è sempre disponibile per un training personalizzato.

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gabriel777 2 Reviews
Top personal trainer!

A top personal trainer! Likeable, motivates you and it’s just a lot of fun to train with him!

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Florian 2 Reviews
Absolutely recommended!

Very sympathetic, intelligent and experienced trainer who has been supporting me several times a week for almost a year now. I had initially massive back problems that are now gone!

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Leona 2 Reviews
Best Training 🏋️♀️ ever

When I started a `realignment` after the first Lockdown – training with Alfredo – I intended to improve my general fitness, as well as to defeat my `inner pig dog`. After just a few weeks at Alfredo, I realized that not only were my two original goals coming to fruition, but that the care/companionship was happening on multiple levels at once. Also tips about nutrition, motivation and inspiration during training `cause` that I look forward to each additional hour, in everyday life I am much more satisfied, balanced and above all fitter. I am also delighted with Alfredo’s professional approach and at the same time humanly pleasant manner. … Training with you is just fun 😊…many thanks Alfredo, and warmest recommendation to all other clients!

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Alfredossimo 2 Reviews
One and only ALFREDO

Hello! My name is Vesna and I am 58 years old. I tell you my age on purpose, because since I’ve been training with Alfredo (for over five years) I feel 10-20 years younger and fitter. I even learned to jog with Alfredo; our strength training sessions are strenuous, but necessary and fun. Alfredo can describe each exercise, point out its benefits, exactly for which muscle group; he often modifies and varies the exercises; he is constantly evolving, so training with him is never stale, but rather fresh and original. Besides, Alfredo doesn’t need a lot of equipment to create a good workout session – with him a workout in the park, at home with some equipment or in a real gym is just great. It’s also very flexible and adaptable; in my case – since I’m a violinist, we focus more on certain muscles, or we avoid strenuous exercises for the arms before a concert. Or after an illness – he knows how to start slowly and rebuild his condition. Alfredo is a fantastic combination of a really professional and knowledgeable fitness trainer and a warm caring and personable person, curious, motivated and with a lot of positive energy.

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elena 2 Reviews
Best workout in town!

I have been training with Alfredo 1-2 times a week for over a year now. The workouts are a permanent part of my week. Alfredo challenged me to be a better, healthier and stronger (both mentally and physically) version of myself each time through varied drills, distraction through conversation during the odd plank and motivational words. Not only has my condition & muscle strength improved significantly, but so has my approach to a holistically healthier lifestyle. His knowledge & expertise on the anatomy of the body & dedicated strengthening exercises have also helped me get over recurring back problems and strengthened my back in a lagging manner.

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