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LAXMI METHOD. Complete pregnancy training with oriental dance and aerial yoga, personal trainer, nutrition education and placenta medicine. Claimed

There is no equivalent workout for pregnancy. (Training for before, during and after)

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Simple and safe training for a fearless birth

“Laxmi Method”
Minimize risk and interventions, overcome fears, strengthen your body and train your uterus for
a natural birth.
Give your baby the best welcome to this world.

Programs content
Physical training with the Laxmi method for pregnancy and childbirth

The exclusive exercises for this method, which is (still) largely unknown, support you in the preparations for a traditional birth.
All, absolutely all exercises, are designed to facilitate the birth for the baby and the mother.

The Laxmi method helps you with:
1. strengthening the uterus
2. widening of the birth canal in preparation for an easier birth for baby and mother.
3. minimizing the risk of the baby’s malposition
4. pregnancy-typical complaints such as back pain, water retention in the legs, varicose veins, carpal tunnel syndrome, intestinal sluggishness, and much more….

Pregnancy and birth meditations of the Laxmi method

The meditative exercises of the Laxmi method were specially developed around:
● Activate the parasympathetic system for relaxation of the uterus.
● To reduce the pain of the contractions.
● Relax the muscles of the pelvic floor.
● Prevent the risk of cracks and episiotomies.
● To facilitate the expansion of the cervix.
● To promote the flow of birth by activating hormonal processes.

Healthy posture

During pregnancy
During pregnancy, your body will undergo many changes. Your whole body is “reorganized” and these adjustments can often cause pain and discomfort.
In addition, these incorrect postures can negatively affect the baby’s position in the abdomen.

The movements of birth
The basin is not a rigid structure.
In this class, we teach about the specific movements and postures for each stage of birth that will expand the spaces of your pelvis and ease your baby’s path into the birth canal.

The use of the voice at birth
The connection of the muscles of the uterine tract and movements of the throat and mouth are spectacular. Special exercises can significantly support the relaxation/stretching and contraction of the perineum. Using voice helps them stay focused and let themselves in on the “miracle of birth” by surfing the waves of uterine contractions.

Optimal pelvic floor for birth
(contraction vs. relaxation)
This course can save them a lot of inconvenience. One of the most serious mistakes in preparing for childbirth is to focus only on strengthening the perineum during pregnancy. The second is compressive breathing, something completely antiphysiological, which closes the perineum and makes childbirth more difficult.

The fear of suffering damage to the perineum due to childbirth are particularly pronounced. And rightly so, as this can have an impact on their physical and mental condition, and can also develop a massive strain in the partnership.

The tears and episiotomy at birth are avoidable with proper preparation.
In this course we will give you the tools and keys to feel like a flower as it opens during birth.

The healthy uterus: avoid spasticity
Spasticity is common because expectant mothers have not learned voluntary control of the muscles in the uterus. This often leads to painful complications during childbirth.
In this course you will learn to control involuntary contractions through appropriate exercises, you will learn to tense and relax the uterine muscle. This strengthens this muscle and results in more efficient and less painful contractions.

Exclusive content of the Laxmi method.
Control your hormones to make your birth easier
Often, to induce labor, to increase contractions, or even to delay contractions, intravenous hormones, analgesics, or the like are administered. The birth is then usually controlled from the outside by the doctor and no longer by the mother. Contractions are then usually painful and very strong and often causes secondary complications that could be avoided.

This course teaches how they can manage hormones and minimize risks.
The partner has a significant influence here, as hormones are strongly linked to emotions. A well-trained partner can make a significant difference here.

Support of birth with epidural anesthesia
Epidural anesthesia, like all medications, has risks and side effects, but can sometimes help.

In this case, it is more difficult to control the contractions arbitrarily.

You lose control of the lower half of your body, however all is not lost.
In this class you will learn to use the strength of your legs and arms to support contractions with the entire chain of muscles.
With or without epidural anesthesia, this course is essential.

How to turn the baby in difficult positions
A baby lying in an incorrect position in the abdomen can often cause a number of complications.
One can learn with special exercises and body positions to bring the baby back into an optimal position for birth.

Overcome your conscious and unconscious fears
What woman does not have concerns or even sometimes fear of childbirth. On the day of birth, these concerns and fears can intensify accordingly and usually end up in a very negative birth experience.
These feelings also cause hormones to be released, which negatively influence muscle contractions and make birth correspondingly more difficult and risky.

You can learn to prepare for all kinds of situations, eliminate fears through knowledge and appropriate exercises, and experience the miracle of birth as a unique, wonderful and positive event.

The role of the father or attendant at birth can be crucial and goes far
beyond the emotional. The partner, as an essential part, can also learn and contribute significantly to making the miracle of birth a wonderful experience.

Learn natural and artificial techniques to deal with fears of pain during the
Dealing with birth.
How to avoid unnecessary interventions and make the best decision for you and your baby. Ignorance makes you unable to make conscious decisions and puts your health and that of your baby in the hands of third parties.

Become an expert in your own process. Don’t be guided by fear, but by knowledge.
In this course you will learn all the latest scientific findings with a very simple language.

Get rid of fear and doubt and learn everything necessary, in accordance with your wishes, for a safe and natural birth for the mother and the baby.

Create for yourself the best medical accompaniment
Only when you establish an equal relationship with the medical staff can you assert your wishes and your dream birth.
Sometimes you can choose the place and the professionals to help you, and sometimes you have no choice. Communication is definitely important.
Many of our students have managed to change hospital protocols and be treated completely differently at birth, despite being in very interventionist environments. However, a prerequisite for this is appropriate knowledge around birth.

In this communication training course, we will teach you how to get the medical staff on your side and make sure your birth is according to your wishes and science to experience their desired birth.

Know your rights for appropriate attendance at your birth

Physical and emotional preparation is crucial, but if you are not allowed to move and use learned method in your birth, all this will remain science fiction.
In this course we will help you to fulfill your wishes and give birth in the most natural and easy way.

Physical training for recovery of the pelvic floor and abdominal diastasis after childbirth.
4 months access to training. Post-partum recovery of the pelvic floor and abdominal diastasis.

Discover all the secrets of a pleasant and enjoyable breastfeeding.
Skin contact with the mother, immediately after birth

Direct skin contact immediately after birth, feeling the warmth of the mother’s skin is very important for both mother and baby. Calming the baby after the shock of birth, building a strong bond with the mother and feeling secure is essential for further development.
Recent studies indicate that a lack of this process can have an impact throughout the child’s life.

Comprehensive exercise program for pregnancy, birth and postpartum, combined with:
Oriental dance, Pilates, yoga, spherodynamics (fitball), prenatal singing,
Hypopressants, noesitherapy, and meditation.
Optimal training: 3x week 1.20 hours from the 12th week of pregnancy.
After birth: 4 months training 3x week 1.20 hour.


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