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jasmin_fitbodyvienna Claimed


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The goal of my work as a personal trainer is to help women between the ages of 35 and 85 create more energy, strength and vitality in their everyday lives. Together we will find out what you need to optimally support your body to get closer to this goal step-by-step.

You have the possibility to work with me in 1:1, but also in small groups (e.g. outdoor group training in the park).

What my clients have always appreciated about my work is that I always adapt my programs to their current sensitivities and life situations and change them if necessary.

In a free and non-binding info conversation I offer you the opportunity to find out if the chemistry between us is right and a possible collaboration can arise.


  • Dipl. Fitness & Health Trainer
  • Dipl. Personal trainer
  • Nutrition trainer
  • Yoga & Pilates Instructor (i.A.)
  • Trainer for Pre-& Postnatal (i.A.)


  • Strength training
  • Functional training
  • Training with your own body weight
  • Training with small equipment (dumbbells, resistance bands, TRX, etc.)
  • Outdoor training
  • Back School
  • Fit in old age (60+)
  • Corporate fitness and workshops for companies

4 Reviews for jasmin_fitbodyvienna

Stephan 2 Reviews
Personal training with the individual touch !

It’s not always easy to overcome one’s inner weakness once a week. But Jasmin has fortunately every time other exercises in stock ! And if a hard week is behind me, then there is already a gentler but no less sustainable training. always nicely balanced between strength and endurance ! And the result after 2 is a clearly better body feeling ! Who has so far shied away from gyms and personal trainers: With Jasmin you are in good hands !

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Ruth 2 Reviews
Personal with Jasmin training brings strength, fitness and fun

Training with Jasmin has been part of our fitness program for 2 years now. Every week we look forward to training with Jasmin, it is never boring always a mix of familiar and new exercises. Every session is always new, always different, I can’t imagine a better trainer.

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Natascha 2 Reviews
Personal training & coaching at the highest level

When it comes to finding a personable and competent personal trainer, you’ve found the right one in Jasmin from Fitbodyvienna. She takes time to get to know her clients and their personal needs. She creates plans tailored to individual goals. Jasmin is committed to helping her clients achieve their goals and stay on track with their health and fitness goals.

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Corinna 2 Reviews
Heart recommendation for individual training

Jasmin is a true expert around fitness and nutrition and a really warm personality. I especially like the fact that she always responds to my needs individually. So that I can really implement it. We have very open communication so I can really place all the hurdles and porkies. Jasmin always supports me to find a solution! 🙂 The personal training is really fun (super mix, so I’m not overwhelmed, but still what goes on) and their recipes are easy to implement – and the most important: Vorallem delicious! 🙂 Since I’ve been with Jasmin, I feel lighter and more motivated! Looking forward to our next session dear Jasmin! Very clear and heartfelt TOP recommendation!!!

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